Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and associated Vision Realization Programs have increased the focus on digital enablement and spurred the adoption of sophisticated digital technologies in an aim to advance industrial activities, attract investments, and diversify the economy. The pace of digital transformation is increasing across different sectors and driving organizations to innovate and explore new delivery models, which in turn are creating a complex ecosystem that is beset by new cybersecurity challenges

As more and more digital technologies are deployed, the exposure to cyberthreats increases. And as new challenges and opportunities arise, and the need for proactive cyberdefense becomes more prominent, cybersecurity gains strategic weight on the executive-level agenda.

IDC is honored to present its annual executive report for 2020, titled Cybersecurity and Its Impact on Digital Saudi. The report analyzes the state of cybersecurity in the Kingdom and highlights the key challenges and efforts undertaken to overcome these complexities, while also detailing a series of global best practices and presenting an outlook for cybersecurity technologies and strategies.

We sincerely hope that the report raises awareness of the challenges and opportunities that exist in the Saudi cybersecurity landscape, and that it contributes to improving the Kingdom's cybersecurity posture for a safe transition to a thriving digital future.

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